Katy Landscaping Services

Whether you’ve been in your Katy home for decades, have just moved into a newly constructed home, or want to ensure that your commercial property’s landscape is attractive and easy to maintain, if you need landscaping help of any kind, you can count on us. We offer a large selection of landscaping services in Katy ranging from landscape design to installation, maintenance, and emergency landscaping and tree removal services.

Katy Landscape Designers

As with any art form, landscaping requires planning, brainstorming, and drawing. Not only that, the landscaper must be creative, knowledgeable about local climates, and have a keen eye for aesthetics as well as be able to collaborate with property owners to ensure that the final landscape design accurately reflects the property owner’s tastes and needs. These are but a few qualities that our landscape designers bring to our Katy landscaping and lawn service. We work with you to develop a landscaping vision.

In addition to dreaming up the landscape’s overall look, our landscape designers also consider other factors including:

Katy Landscape Installers

A well-planned landscape design is nothing but a pretty picture until the grounds have been prepped, the hardscape elements installed, and the plants planted. Our Katy landscaping and lawn service is committed to making sure that every step of the process goes according to plan. We hire only the best landscape installers and approach the installation with safety, aesthetics, proper planting and building techniques, and your ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Because we are a general contracting company in Katy, our landscaping projects run the gamut from simple landscapes to landscapes incorporating outside fireplaces, patios and patio covers, courtyards, extensive concrete work, decks, and other structural elements.

Katy Landscape Maintenance

Now that your landscape has come to life, it’s time to keep it looking its best. We offer a number of landscape maintenance plans including weekly, monthly, annual, semi-annual, and one time plans. From trimming, edging, and fertilizing to pruning, weeding, and controlling irrigation, we keep your landscape healthy and attractive.

Katy Landscape Emergencies

Because of Texas’s severe weather conditions, it’s not unusual to be called in for emergency landscape services. Downed trees and broken branches are real hazards and must be taken care of safely and quickly. We prioritize urgent jobs and offer emergency tree service.

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